The best music PR, music promotion, strategic consultation, and business coaching & empowerment, led by musicians for musicians. All at affordable prices, with flexible payment plans.

Working alongside well-known music industry experts and national radio stations, Your Forte offers emerging DIY artists the opportunity to take the next step in their career.

We have years of valuable experience and have earned the trust of reputable contacts across the industry. As a result, we frequently achieve radio promotion, music reviews, artist interviews, TV coverage, and attention from high-tier music magazines for our clients.

Since opening our doors as Your Forte in 2018, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of new and returning clients. We believe our ongoing success is a result of staying abreast of current industry affairs and attaining tangible results, all while maintaining an open-door policy.

So, if you're asking questions like:

- How do I get my music reviewed?

- How do I get my music on radio?

- How do I get my music playlisted?

- How do I get more subscribers on YouTube?

- How do I become the headliner for my favourite act?

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