‘Do You Remember?’ Asks Rising Star, Will Newman, In His Latest Summer Anthem

Having garnered global media attention for previous releases, Kent-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Will Newman – whose debut album charted top 40 on iTunes – has announced the release of new single ‘Do You Remember?’, a summer anthem packed with whimsical nostalgia.

Globally-acknowledged rising star, Will Newman, has today announced the release of his brand-new, remotely-recorded single Do You Remember?, which will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 23rd April 2021.

The Kent-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose debut album Sand charted the top 40 on iTunes, has returned having composed indie pop track, Do You Remember?, which is anticipated to be Will’s most successful release to date following a record number of streams on his previously released single, Crazy.

Do You Remember? is a summer anthem inspired by the delirium synonymous with a new relationship and the thrill of the chase as each party tests the waters. Wrapped in nostalgia, the track reflects on rite-of-passage moments in relationships that most, if not all, listeners will resonate with, and highlights the naivety of youth in thinking that the perfect moment with a new partner will and can last forever.

“This song starts by looking back on that first meeting with a new love interest and the rose-tinted ‘knowing’ that it’s already something special; a feeling that is seemingly visceral and self-apparent. There’s also an air of desperation in hoping that this one is the one,” commented Will. “The lyric ‘if you need more love then just ask’ is a nod to the bargaining I tend to do in my personal relationships. I believe some listeners will have felt that on one level, or at least appreciate my honesty.”

Newman continued, “The track features elements of melancholia and euphoria, much like stereotypical rollercoaster relationships that swing between highs and lows with the passengers hoping something will outlast the rocky moments.”

The track is heavily influenced by artists such as LANY, Fickle Friends, John Mayer, joan, Shoffy, The 1975, with a lean towards the likes of No Rome. Newman’s eclectic influences are evident in his original tracks, and yet his sound remains distinct. With global press coverage, Will’s reputation precedes him as an up-and-coming DIY artist, and he is currently working with his team to secure licensing and sync deals.