Georgia Nevada Shows Her Hand With New Single, ‘The Devil Dealt Me You’

Country singer-songwriter, Georgia Nevada, releases her second single, ‘The Devil Dealt Me You’, and pays homage to the potentially huge pay-out when you take a gamble on love.

Georgia Nevada has today announced the release of her second single The Devil Dealt Me You, which will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 26th February 2021.

Co-written with Kyle Elliott, the song is jam-packed with metaphors about gambling to lyrically narrate Nevada’s personal love story; acknowledging the potential gains and pitfalls associated when taking a gamble on love.

The single was inspired by Georgia’s move, in the name of romance, from Stevenage to Brighton. Within one month of meeting her significant other, the artist moved over 100 miles from her family and fortunately – despite the risk – her relocation has worked out.

“We’ve all heard the phrase ‘lucky in love’ and that accurately describes my own romantic experience,” explained Georgia. “My family was shocked by my decision to move so quickly and my friends hedged their bets that things wouldn’t work out, but Lady Luck helped me prove them wrong.”

’The Devil Dealt Me You’ explores the concept that sometimes it is the risks in life that yield the best reward,” Nevada continued. “The artwork, which features the two of hearts, represents the fact that this is my second single, released in the second month of the year, and – naturally – the two hearts symbolise my partner and I.”

Georgia has a particular affinity to the lyric 'When the devil dealt me you, he thought I'd fold - just like I do'. These few words concisely summarise the artist’s experience with love before meeting her now-partner, Will. Previous relationships had left her feeling emotionally fatigued and with a sceptical outlook on romance whereas, now, Georgia has discovered the true meaning of love.

The single was mixed and mastered by Drew Middleton, who also features as the band. The producer and musician, based in Nashville, is a multi-instrumentalist, award winning singer/songwriter at BMI, holds a BA Degree in Music and has been producing music for more than 10 years.

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