Will Newman, Tackles Toxic Relationships In New Single ‘Crazy’

Having garnered global media attention for his previous releases, Kent-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Will Newman – whose debut EP charted top 40 on iTunes – has announced the release of new single “Crazy”, a tribute to the intoxicating attraction of toxic relationships.

Globally-acknowledged rising star, Will Newman, has today announced the release of his brand-new, remotely-recorded single Crazy, which will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 5th March 2021. The single precedes his long-awaited debut studio album, which is rumoured to make an appearance in Summer 2021.

The Kent-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose debut EP Sand charted the top 40 on iTunes, found inspiration for ‘Crazy’ while reflecting on a past relationship. As a result, the lyrics tell an all-too relatable story of someone finding their colours changing in response to a person or situation and – while it is toxic – being hypnotised by the heat of an argument which is followed by an equally passionate make up.

“Most people will resonate on some level with ‘Crazy’,” commented Will. “Despite knowing that someone or something is no good for us, we become addicted to the thrill of the uncertainty and – to some extent – danger. Particularly in relationships, when you are wearing rose-tinted glasses, it becomes difficult to untangle yourself from the toxicity.”

Newman continued, “We’ve been in lockdown for a year now and, in the boredom and loneliness, it can be easy to romanticise a toxic relationship and focus on the excitement of it and ignore the warning signs. The opening lyric for the chorus – ‘I’m not the thing that you made me’ – serves as a reminder that just because we are one way with one person, doesn’t mean that’s a reflection of who we truly are.”

The track is heavily influenced by artists such as Joan, LANY, and The 1975 and while Newman’s eclectic influences are evident in his original tracks, his sound remains distinct. With global press coverage, including being recurrently featured on BBC Introducing, and being interviewed by Syn Radio Melbourne - Will’s reputation precedes him as an up-and-coming DIY artist, and he is currently working with his team to secure record deals