Joey Clarkson Introducing Your Forte







Public Relations:

Working with Laura is great, she bring me up and coming talent to perform and discuss their career. The talent are 10/10 and so is Laura.

Stuart Armour, Radio Producer and Broadcaster

PR Training Session:

Probably the most useful and inspiring career-based talk I've been to.

Music Technology Student 3, Marlborough College

Press Release:

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Laura Jenkins on several of my past releases, including the UK release of my album The Year That Never Happened in 2019, and a collection of singles that have been released over the course of 2020. Each time we work together, Laura blows me away with how dedicated she is to not only seeking out, but also to creating new opportunities for the artists that she works with. She has managed to get me coverage I could honestly only dream of; my personal favourite being the time I was invited to speak about my Album on London Live T.V. during primetime viewing as an independent artist! A definitive career highlight and impressive milestone moment that I will treasure always. Laura is hardworking, professional and personable - which I believe are the most important, and valuable traits of an outstanding PR person. I can not highly recommend working with her enough!

Press Release:

I came to Laura back in July as I had been highly recommended by my friend and fellow artist Joey Clarkson. I wanted to create the biggest impact I could with my single and after chatting to Laura about my ideas, I knew she would be able to make this happen. Subsequently, my single went straight to number 1 in the iTunes Country Music chart! Ill always be thankful to Laura for helping me reach that goal and I'll continue to use Your Forte for any further releases.

Joey Clarkson, Canadian Country Pop Singer-Songwriter

Becky Lawrence, British Country Singer

Coaching Sessions:

I’m happy to report to you that there is a noticeable difference in my motivation, sense of direction, self belief, ability to plan ahead and achieve my goals. Working with Laura is literally what I’ve been wanting to happen for years! I highly recommend her to any creatives. She is extremely lovely, an excellent listener, she has a wealth of good ideas and strategies for implementing them and is brilliant to work with. I’m getting to know myself, as an artist, so much better through our work.

Clea Llewellyn, British Neo-Soul Singer-Songwriter

PR Training Session:

Really well prepared – knew exactly what you wanted to say and what yo wanted to put across to young people. What helped so much was that when you were speaking, it was like a one on one rather than a presentation – didn’t shut off like I would in a lecture! Really engaging. Varying advice to different was really helpful – different approaches and platforms.

Music Technology Student 1, Marlborough College

PR Training Session:

Absolutely amazing – loved it. Really well delivered, really well explained, and flowed very nicely. Loads of information – could easily get two or three separate talks out of that! Brilliant to have inclusion of actual artists talking about their campaigns and how they approach this. Would have loved some more real world examples so we can see how the techniques translate into working musicians.

Music Technology Student 2, Marlborough College